a couple of 20 year olds who don’t know what they’re talking about

my favorite person is writing with me today. legit, favorite person. and we don’t know what we’re talking about. but we’re here to talk.

we’re both similar in so many ways but have weirdly different viewpoints on a ton of things. it keeps things interesting but also the reason why our friendship works so well. we learn, we cry, we debate, we feel, we laugh, we call each other at 1 am (no big deal).  we build each other up.

this is her:

hiii guys. so before anything, i just want to say i don’t normally do this so i don’t have a way with words like vi does. but ill try. anyways, im alondra im another 20 year old who doesn’t know what she’s talking about (hence the title) but its 10:30, i can’t sleep (coffee=jittery). so here’s a little insight on the things that make me, me.

everyday life-

a- well im a night owl who wakes up at 6am not a good combination i would say. also explains the reason coffee is the love of my life (the only love of my life) people probably don’t know this cause im never really in tucson but i work full time. im a medical assistant and im head of peds at my clinic! pretty cool but also pretty stressful. i like keeping myself busy just cause maybe im a little scared to be alone for so long. and honestly im not an open person so im not sure why i agreed to do this. but i’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone.

vi- first of all, you volunteered mija buttttt i’m so happy to have you with me here writing. i am sometimes a night owl ( i’m trying to go to sleep earlier but you know i try) and i’m also a medical assistant, i actually work part time and i’ve been doing so for a while. i’m vegan (also not a thing a lot of people know). i have been for a while because of ethical, cruelty, and sustainability issues that i could go on and on about, but i’m not really a fan of people who just do it for the trendy part of it. doesn’t make sense to me, sorry.

a- and i’m not vegan

vi-and we’re still friends (omgghsjfshjh how??!??!@), cause we accept each other’s points of view. anyways…. i am also very, very, veryy much into photography as most people know. i’ve liked it for as long as i can remember, but i got my first actual camera almost 3 years ago. and it’s changed my life. i never thought that this would impulse me to start a blog, that i could meet so many people through it, and that eventually, i would make it a profession. so i’ ve also been working part-time as a wedding photographer on weekends every so often, which makes me soso happy.

a- and on the other hand you have people like me who have no talent. lol i’m not a minimalist. i have around 50 pairs of shoes so i guess thats my hobby. like i said im not vegan or vegetarian. but my diet isn’t horrible. i’ve been trying to improve. i’m trying to become gluten-free because of allergy reasons but im proud of the changes ive made and i honestly feel so much better since. im a californian disguised as a tucsonan so my life is hard. the city and the beach call me and my heart will always be there. also a modern day blair waldorf taking applications for a dorota and also awaiting my chuck bass-not currently taking applications because chuck bass wouldn’t need an application 😉


how they (should, don’t, and how we make them) work:

vi- i think they should always be mutual effort. you can’t just give and give and tire yourself out with friendships that are one-sided

a-i think we both have a lot of trouble with balancing that out in our lives. we both have the tendency to give more than we are given. and i understand why you do it vi, cause i do it all the time too. i just think we always end up loving too much, we don’t ever want to see the people we love (even though they don’t love us back) suffer.

vi-so we’re there, always there. but i don’t think they should work that way. i’ve gotten to a point, a, where i’m starting to understand what the value of a real friendship is, like this one.

a-stop making this so cheesy everyone’s gonna hate us lol. but same. i think when three of the most important people in your life leave you, you’re left broken. and once you’re finally evolving and creating something for yourself, they come back. and you let them in cause that’s just who we are. but meanwhile, i’ve created quite frankly, better friendships and have come to realize the past ones were not the right ones. i guess in some way they never compare to what i have now. but that doesn’t mean i stop giving. maybe not in the same way. but i’m there for anything.

vi-for me it’s two. but same, on soooo many levels. i feel that (unfortunately) with all the pain, comes the beauty. so if i hadn’t lost what i lost,  i wouldn’t have dropped out of school for a semester because i couldn’t even get up, i wouldn’t have gone back to school 3 months later, and i wouldn’t have met you. i also wouldn’t have realized the value of having people who would show up at your house no matter what, no matter what responsibilities they had to pull you out bed when you couldn’t think of reasons why, when in reality they were the reason why. i think that for me it all comes down to being 100% there. all the time. you cannot expect if you don’t give. and i truly believe that’s the place where the most beautiful friendships are formed. when you’re doing nothing for your own benefit, but only out of sincere love for the other person.

a-and i wouldn’t have asked you to sit next to me in clinicals! isn’t that crazy? the way things work? i wouldn’t have valued what i have now. or maybe i wouldn’t have even bothered trying to create stronger and better friendships for myself. healthier friendships. you for example, we have such a unique..

vi-soul changing, life-altering friendship

a-yes mija. i don’t even care if i have to eat vegan food. my dad literally always makes you vegan soup when you come. but as i was saying before i was interrupted, i guess that proves my point of “unique friendship” the selflessness is what makes it work. and i also have other friendships that build me up in so many different ways. i think we both do. i have someone who i would never be able to thank for the many ways and forms she saved me. being older than me she guided me when i couldn’t see the light. she would be in spain with the love of her life and she would call me to see if i was okay (literally who does that??)  i didn’t know who i was and she held my hand through it all, she fought for me until i was able to get up and fight for myself. and then, i also have my constant. who I’ve known for years and i am so so happy he hasn’t gotten tired of me. i think there’s a lot of misconception about a guy and girl friendship, but they work. i promise you they do. its one of my favorites because its so genuine and pure. he makes me laugh all the pain away until the only pain i feel is in my stomach. all i would want for him is happiness. plain and simple. and i know he wants the same for me. and we do have people with their snide remarks and assumptions but what we focus on is this friendship.  i believe that’s how we’ve survived so many years. so yes, it can get hard but after all “people throw rocks at things that shine” right? also, i’m also such a guy and love talking basketball which also kinda makes me question our friendship cause he’s a celtics fan and I’m a lakers fan (?!!!???!??)

vi-and i have no idea what you’re talking about (lollll), but i agree. i don’t think that anything or anyone should define what a friendship should be. not age, not gender, not anything but love. i probably only have 3 people that i’m very close to. one of them is you (duh), the other one is someone i have known most of my life. she doesn’t live here anymore and our time difference is annoying..but she always picks up the phone. always. always, always, always. we have been through so much together, and even apart. i can’t tell you how many times we’ve facetimed and literally just laughed the whole time because we just know each other so well. plus, she’s always ready to beat people up for me. and then there’s the one who would open the door when i showed at her house crying. the only one whose advice i trust blindly.

a- even i tell you to just go ask her for advice cause i don’t know and shes just so smart lol.

vi-she is older than me, but like i said, that has never even mattered to us. and i met her at a point where i was so confused with what and who i was. it was crazy because it was like our lives had mirrored each other at one point. everything i told her was something she’d already gone through. and through everything, she has always defended me. she just knows and understands me that well.

a-so this a little bit of how we believe our friendship (past or present) shape us into who were meant to be/come.

vi-everything affects everything. so we’re right where we’re supposed to be.

traveling with your best friend 101:

-currently at vi’s house, its 7:30 am. shes still sleeping while the sun rays woke me up. 

a- i think you’d like to know, i never get tired or annoyed of her. we make it our thing to see each other at least once a week. random sleepovers on random days. sleepovers on mondays when we both have work the next day. so it makes it pretty easy to travel with her. we both have a wild heart that can no longer be fed here in tucson. i crave different places, different culture, lifestyle, new people, foods, music, architectures, ideas, love, and unity. all this i can find in traveling. like ive said vi is also the same. were never really here in tucson. physically and mentally our hearts are somewhere else. so heres what we’ve learned from traveling with your best friend:

a-we buy tickets randomly and out of the blue. violets usually always finding cheap tickets and i’m the one who finds us a place to stay. its perfect teamwork and it works out lol.

vi- also, we usually plan our trips a week in advance. and somehow that works out (????) lol. but its fun. i’ve never really had anyone who would go along with all my crazy trip ideas until i found you. no one is ever as down as us to just go which is honestly amazing. and we hardly ever do anything too expensive or touristy (unless its ny bc i mean come on) and that’s how we usually save a ton. i have friends all over the place which is always great because i get to visit them and see pretty places. i think for me its so much more about finding myself while i’m away, because no real growth comes from comfort zones. and to be honest, sometimes its scary, its really downright scary when you’re stuck or you can’t find your passport or the subway station to get back to brooklyn. but that’s when you learn that you have to figure things out, because there’s always a way. so i can’t even say that its always pretty instagrammable pictures and videos, there’s always struggles when traveling alone or with just one other person who doesn’t know whats going on either.

a- honestly when we got lost in wall street i was scared. we got lost for a good 2hrs. we had to stop at this random store to ask for directions and not even then we were able to find the station. but traveling for me is learning, and accepting. learning about people and the place itself. i’m pretty sure i like history more than the average person does. i can read for hours/and hear stories of whats happened (like on September 11), but being there. visiting takes you to another place. the pages come to life. you close your eyes, take it all in. how will this change you? can you appreciate life a little more? will this change your perspective on life? so you can hand me a book and ill probably finish it within a day or two but my favorite way of learning is by traveling and feeling and accepting that things happened and things will continue to change. and i’ve chosen to acknowledge that and

**fyi vi almost choked and i literally never hit someone so hard on their back as i did right now.. but as i was saying. i would much rather be out gaining experience than sitting at home pretending this comfortable life is enough.

how to get along with people you don’t like (or don’t like you)

a-easy matthew 5:23,24. if you’ve done that and there’s still problems UNFOLLOW BLOCK REPORT CANCEL DELETE.

vi-bye felicia. you’re removed from my life, that’s a wrap.

a- you’ve been excused from this narrative.

random things that we are extremely passionate about

a- let me go first because i think there’s a lot of random things that me weirdly me

*my ideal saturday night is wine and breakfast at tiffany’s and as vi knows i have every word memorized. i’m absolutely in love with audrey hepburn.  i think she’s so so gorgeous and i just want to be as classy and pretty as her one day.


*i’m 100% convinced disneyland is the happiest place on earth.  no questions about it. i’m a princess and i don’t care.

*derek should not have died but mer is the sun.

*jackie o and mr kennedy? i mean obvs not your relationship goals but aren’t they gorgeous?

*ill marry you if you buy me a house with a huge kitchen and a library.

*i bleed purple and gold. lakers all the way and kobe is the bae.

*i’m here for the new taylor the old one the country one. i’m here for it all.


*i have an unhealthy amount of love for dates (the food lol)

*serena’s INSANE fashion sense

*i take videos every time i go somewhere and it makes me so emotional you guys have like no idea i cry when i finish a video because i just love it

*trader joe’s

*i am high-key in love with cole sprouse and no one can stop me

*also i love jane birkin, i want to dress like her (70’s is my favorite thing ever ever give me all the bell bottom jeans ever)

*thrifting. 90% of my clothes is thrifted and adorable

*CHAIR, three words, 8 letters, i’m dead.

a- i hope everyone has a person like this in their life. someone who you’re so sure won’t ever leave.

thanks vi for letting me write with you, and thanks to everyone who read this and made it all the way to the end. (sorry it was so long)

das it. we’re out. see you on tuesday.

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